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Intellectual Edge Consultancy (IEC) is an independent international publisher of academic and professional journals, periodicals, magazines, books and catalogues. Currently the journal portfolio offers several periodicals including : 

HIV Nursing
Remittances Review
Central Asia & The Caucasus

About IEC

Intellectual Edge Consultancy, as an international publisher of academic and professional journals, periodicals, magazines,  books and catalogs, offers a series of books along with some leading journals. The books published by Transnational Press London are written by experts in their respective fields and reviewed by peers including our own advisory board members and reviewers. Published books and journals are made available through key libraries such as British Library, Oxford University Bodleian Library, and Cambridge University Library, as well as being available through international book distributors including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Lulu, Ingram and Nielsen. Please use the menu for books and journals to find more about our journals, books and book series as well as conferences and events.

Editorial address for sending book proposals:

Intellectual Edge Consultancy was formerly trading as “The London Publishers” and “Migration Letters” since 2003.