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Advisory Board

Editorial Advisory Board and Manuscript Review Process

Intellectual Edge Consultancy Editorial Advisory Board is composed of distinguished academics, noted for their expertise, and selected from our editors for journals and book series.(OPH LTD) Editorial Advisory Board plays a central role in steering our commissioning and assessment of book and journal proposals. Editorial Advisory Board members are consulted for proposals in their respective fields of expertise to assist our selection of titles for publication.

Editorial Advisory Board

  1. Prof Ibrahim Sirkeci, International British Business School, UK (Chair)
  2. Dr Bahar Baser, Durham University, UK
  3. Prof Gudrun Biffl, Krems, Austria
  4. Dr Sumeyra Buran, University of California, Riverside, USA
  5. Prof Jeffrey H. Cohen, Ohio State University, USA
  6. Prof Dilek Cindoglu, Kadir Has University, Turkey
  7. Dr Nikos Christofis, Shaanxi Normal University, People’s Republic of China
  8. Prof Ozgur H. Cinar, University of Greenwich, UK
  9. Dr Çağdaş Dedeoğlu, Yorkville University, Canada